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Author Topic: The trip to the BIG Falls RR from 2008  (Read 3833 times)
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« on: February 07, 2013, 06:15:40 PM »

This trip was the replacement for not making it to  Alaska…
Our friends from NC  tagged along…
I had just finished rebuilding my Clutch on  TheBeast.. Did a little shakedown ride
Then I felt that TheBeast was sound enough for this run up north.

Well we left the farm late morning .As Ron and Carolyn couldn't leave early...

I’m ready…

HB coming over our bridge..

We were to meet NormanDog and CarolinaGirl  along the way up North..
Our big tunnel in Bluefield.. Kind of reminds me of the Eisenhower Tunnel in Co..

I guess I take a lot of this shot …

Ron and Carolyn were right on time at our rendezvous place..

This is one of them 3 abreast shots that I’ll take once and a while..

I got this idea of taking photos of toll booths …The things I come up with …
This guy was tickled that I took his pix…

Then we stopped for a late dinner. I had ice-cream as dessert.
And it had a little kitty cat on top…

Some where on I-77

I was having  a blast as always…

It sure was a hot Aug day .. We all had cool vests on..

Capt. America ?? I mean the bike…

Yeah.. I like this area on I-77  I love to run this part.. Passing trucks ..

What a cool looking bridge …

When we finally found a motel with  a few rooms …
Ya know your in trouble when ya have a swatter  on the wall in the room..

They sure did have a killer band on Sat night…

 It was one of the worst motels I have been in in a long time.. It was a  no tell motel..

We were all very happy to leave it..

Ya have to take one of these every now and then,,,

We hit the road  for about a 100 miles and stopped for some food at one on them places..

Once we ate .. It was tie to get more miles ….

Some long roads…

It was kinda of cool in the morning…

Oh cool look at all the grapes !!!!

Some where in Pa…

I saw this going down the road a Hog in a pen… LOL…

Angola ?? No not that one ..

This was the 4th. Toll

Heading for I-190 

WOW Big city…

Cool building at the bottom of the glass one..

Big city skyline,,,

Was having a blast weaving in and out of traffic..And taking photos on the fly

Another toll…

In NY !!!

Now I was really digging  looking around ..This was the State Park  on the Falls heading to Goat Island

This is the US side of the falls…

Cool the driver waved …

Another toll.. He like getting his pix taken..

The last toll.. Thank goodness ,it was like 8 tolls …

The view from RainbowBridge…

Well the traffic here was awful !! We shut the  bikes off..

We are at the border ,waiting our turn..

This was the only photo I could take at the border. They were very friendly
The guy let me ride up alongside HB..

This place looked cool..

We crossed into Canada via Rainbow Bridge

It had been a very long time since I had been in Canada.. The last time I was 6 mos. Old ..

WOW  !!!  What a cool wall…

Back view .. Yeah on the fly in traffic ..

We got a pretty posh hotel room tha our friend hooked us up with 80% off..
The view.. You can see the mist from the falls…

Once we got to our hotel the skies opened up .. And it started to pour..
But we walked to the falls anyway..
The American falls  on the left

Our friend Sy who  hooked us up…

Even in the pouring rain it’s pretty..

Now for the let me take your pic by the falls shots..

The sound is deafening..


Wow did it rain.. That drowned rat look..

Yeah I was thinking ,how far can I lean..

A good time to reflect

A cool shot of the falls…

Ya see the rainbow !!!

So not only do ya have to watch for people but Snails Too !!!
Yuppers the sign made me smile…

Of course I would get a few flower shots in.. They had theses all up and down the streets…

There were Pretty flowers all over the place. Now remember this for later..

We went to Imax for the first time .. And saw the story about the falls.
It was pretty good ..
Plus there is a story about a Kitten that made the trip plunge over the falls in a barrel..

Our bikes had nice indoor parking spots at the hotel..

Now what way do you go??

I think we go that way…We are looking for the Casino..

WOW there is the casino !!!

The front entrance of the casino..

I saw this in side the casino.. hey it said Dragon..

While we wait to eat I took a few photos .. Ronnie in front of a huge wall painting..

I can’t stand waiting …Just so I can eat

Carolyn look very nice that evening..

A Tesla Power thingy …At the Casino

The longer the car … The shorter the ride…

Nice fountain at the casino

I’ll take a photo of anything that has or says Dragon…
With bellies full.. Time to walk it off.. Back to the falls…

This street player was cool…

Awwwww… Hey the rain stopped !!!!

Yeah like I would heed the sign…Yuppers I’m on it ..

It sure was windy out .. Blowing  the rain away…

Ron enjoying a Cuban.. Of course rolled on thighs of virgins..

I saw this little fella…

It was a grand evening with fireworks over the falls…

Stay tuned of part 2 ..
The trip to the Big Falls….

Everything is always okay in the end, if it's not, then
it's not the end.
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« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2013, 07:01:10 PM »

The next morning we walked to find a place to eat..
As we walked I found this cool dragon atop a structure..

I have a fondness of Lions…And other big cats.. From live to statues

I saw these Roses and thought they were Gorgeous!!

Carolyn and a big mousy…
{ LOL Mousy .. Reminds me of  my old Hunter ..When I would clip his whole body for the winter, for showing and fox hunting..
 And he would be a grayish brown mouse colour.. Well at one show this one guy had ,well a little to much to drink.
SO he was a loud drunk. And he would walk around  the show ring telling everyone that he thought the Big Mousey would win this class..
It was pretty funny.. He would walk up to me as I was sitting on my horse, and he would say your big mousy is so pretty…
He’s going to win every class here…
Oh btw, That day oh so long ago. We took Grand Champion  in  Children’s Hunter  and Res .Champion in Local hunter..}

Oops sorry … Back to the RR…

Waiting for Sy to show up..

Ole Pin Head is always creepy..

There be Raptors!!!

Now I’m not a fan of  the tourist traps .. But our friend Sy ,for some reason thought we all wanted to do this crap..
And well how do you say nicely hey we want to RIDE not do this stuff…Oh well…

These just tickled me..

As we walked around we say this at the Wax Museum..
Capt.JackSparrow …

Will Tuner…For all the Johnny Depp movies

Ronnie wanted to sit for a moment.. So King Tut was it..

I spotted this MGM Lion …

Them crazy Canadians..

HB said take my picture with the  <s>Wood Pecker</s>  I mean Mountie  .. LOL..

Then we did that silly stuff.. Sometimes you just have to do this stuff…

Sy said we had to get some Chocolate covered Strawberries from Hershey..

Ron and Carolyn are enjoying them.

There were some really cool gardens  around the area

Some really neat Botany in Canada..

This was really cool looking

This little boy was so cute. I just had to take his photo..

We are standing at HorseShoe Falls..

This is the American Falls…

WOW what a Cool tree…

I have a Moose .. Funny I recall doing something like this a few years back in Yellowstone  !!

We took the tour Behind the Falls.. Very cool..The sound was just unreal…
You could hear it coming  in almost waves.. Over and over again…
Many famous people also checked out Behind the Falls…

Only one time in the History of the Fall did it Freeze solid !!

Do I really have a Yellow sack on me or what …

Run…Run for your life it’s a big Yellow thing!!! False alarm it’s only NormanDog !!

Some info about the Falls..

This is a porthole looking in to the falls.. WOW … I wish you could hear the sound of the roar!!!

This is a shot from behind the falls.. WOW was it cool.. In both Temp and just cool to be behind  them…

A nice classic shot of the Falls..

We go that  a way… My Sacajawea  pose …

I liked this shot of us… LOL see HB has my sunglasses on..
As his fell off his hat over  the edge of a cliff that we were looking over..
  When they fell.. I said If HB wants his sunglass .. He can bloody well go down and get them himself..
(Thank You Nevil Bill ~From Dundee)

Here’s a nice view of Horse Shoe Falls.. It was so nice to have the sun come out..

This is like a where’s Waldo photo ..

I just couldn’t  put that yellow plastic  bag on .. What a view..

Here’s the Story about Annie and her kitten named Henry ..
They both went over the falls in a barrel !!They both survived…

How tall the falls are ..

Here is one of the whirlpools .. Very cool You can see the swirling water

Well got on the bikes and checked out the surrounding areas..
This is one of the any whirlpools in the river, and the Tram

As stopped along the road sides  to look at the white water..

That’s Rainbow Bridge and the American Falls . And  see the rainbow ..Hence the name ..

Group shot ..

I like Rainbows..  JJ  from  Gesundheit Institute  use to call me TracyRainbow ,as I spotted them very fast in the skies...

The top of the falls…

Hey  that’s the Maid of the Mist down there…

WOW Look how clear the water is..

Then we rode a round  to taking in the country side ..Just look at the cool Willow !!

Then we rode out to Fort Henry …

I just had to get TheBeast and a big ole Cannon

Valkyries  at the front gates

We  rode around a little more ..And saw a lot of nice farms and Vineyards..

Then I spotted  a sign for a flower clock !! Well ya know we had to go..

I mean Holy Cow .. Just look at the working clock !! All made of flowers !!

And it had this cool moat around it as well…

Then after we got our fill of the clock.. It was off to find the Whirlpool Jet Boats..
A FF , said if ya really want to something really cool take  this ride !!!
If your in to adrenalin,  And really want to feel the river..
Skip the Maid of the Mist and go for the POWER ride …

Going to get our gear :Wool sweater ~ water shoes ~Yellow slicker ~ Mae West vest..

Telling us what we need to know about this boat trip…

The last time we will be dry for the day… Yes we had to get rid of the sunglasses..
Yes it’s Aug. But the water is cold.. They give you a wool sweater as once they are wet they are still warm..
The yellow slicker is in case ya fall out of the boat .. And ya know  what the Vest is for….

Ron and Carolyn didn’t take the ride… So they took a few pic of us as we pulled  out..
You can see HB wave ..

We got the last 2 seats… We had been curious why these 2 seats were empty??
Well the Guide was giving  all the what we will do..  And how to brace for the plunges..
He says  that one person on this boat will get 100,000 gals of water  each time we plunge in to the whirlpools ??
He looks around and Points right to HB !!! Crap and I’m right next to him.. Now we know why the seats were emptied..

Well who ever recommend this to us .. Bravo ,As we had a blast… And our group was having so much fun we stayed out on the river
Our ride was  1 hour45 min long !!  We  had been the last trip for this  Jet boat  for the day…
We hit the big rapids and class 5 whitewater rapids..Like the  Big Kahuna’ before it drops into Devil's Hole!
At 1600 horsepower  utilizes 2 Cat engines to propel  us into and back out of Whirlpools…  
On the  Niagara River,   . !!!  What a wild ride!!!
You can see us in our seats…

And let me tell you.. My feet didn’t reach the deck.. When I braced myself as you are to do..
A few times I really felt ,the OMG I’m going out of the boat.. If it wasn’t for  my good hand grip. Thank goodness for strength in my upper body.
I really would have been out… There is no seat belts..  Tons of gallons of water comes over the top and from the bottom..
As your holding your breath.. That seems like forever.. If you have a fear of drowning ,this ride might NOT be for you…
Just when you think your going to drink Niagara, you get a little gasp of air out and back in  and your down under the water again !!
Now you can’t !!!

Once we got back from drinking the Niagara River ..
We  were soaked .. I mean soaked !!! there was NOT one dry inch on our bodies..
Note the puddles …

We didn’t have a change of cloths with us for this Jet boat trip…

Our guide rode a M109 and was chatting to HB about our Valks..

Oh wow I caught this Jaguar out of the corner of my eye .. I had to grab a photo..

It was time to wondering around some more …So we found this glassblowing place.. Cool..

Adding the top..

Here he is crimping the edges

Blowing out a little more..

The Glass menagerie

A big ole wooden Bear..

The next morning it was time to head back home…
Note the colour of the sunrise!! Red sky in the morn, sailors be warned … Crap rain..

Bikes are loaded and ready to roll..

The last look at the falls from Rainbow bridge.

Well getting back in to the USA was much harder then getting into Canada..
The US boarder guys were very rude. And obnoxious…
He was so rude to me he had me somewhat mad…

Look at how the sun hit this American casino

The American State Park, Niagara Fall.. That I would like to camp at if we  go back..
But I’ll not go back to Canada…I’ll just stay in the US…

Ya know I would do my best to get a shot of Buffalo from Buffalo NY…

Well the rained held off till we hit about an hour outside of Weston WV… We stopped there for the night..

We didn’t get up to the Finger lakes as had planned ..Long story ….
I really would have to say the Highlight was the JetBoat..
I highly recommend it if your ever at Niagara on the Lake ..
The Falls are spectacular… And going Behind the falls was very cool..
You really can feel the power of the river and the falls…

 Maybe I’ll get another retro RR up one of these days…
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Everything is always okay in the end, if it's not, then
it's not the end.
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